Testing and Commissioning

Testing and Commissioning

During services installation of pumps various test will be undertaken, this is “Testing and commissioning. This specific test is conducted to prove the quality and workmanship of the installation also to ensure the client and prove that the systems operate and perform to the design intent and specification.

The company is very particular in obtaining excellent and optimum performance. After initial tests, we provide certification as justification that the pump is ready for use.

Factors to consider

  • Check that the system is completely filled with water
  • Tighten the foundation, bolted properly. Check the suction line connection in order to avoid drawing of air into the pump.
  • Open the suction valve slowly and start the pump by opening the discharge valve, observe any leakage in the pump.
  • After few minutes of operation note the pressure reading at both suction and discharge side.
  • Measure the rpm/speed of the pump motor using tachometer
  • Note down the amperes of the motor on both load and off load position.
  • Check the record motor temperature and make sure the motor mis not heating up and valves are in acceptable limits.